Private Polygraph Testing

There is nothing more upsetting than dealing with family or personal matters that cannot be resolved.

There is nothing more upsetting than dealing with family or personal matters that cannot be resolved. Where the issue of doubt becomes a major concern, The British Polygraph Network can give you that peace of mind that no other investigative means can bring. Our examiners are sensitive to these needs and we offer a friendly, unbiased solution to your problems.


Do you suspect your partner of cheating?
Polygraph tests have been extensively used to resolve relationship issues and this is one area where an experienced examiner can make a major difference.
Here at the British Polygraph Network we only employ highly qualified examiners who work to strict testing protocols and procedures. All our tests are conducted in a non-judgmental manner and are highly confidential. In addition all our examiners are subject to rigorous quality control.
This means that you will get the highest levels of accuracy possible and each test will be carried out in a friendly and professional way.

Internet History

Not all “cheating” requires physical contact. Polygraph can be used to determine the extent of “sexual” activities conducted over the internet, such as visits to pornographic sites, dating sites, visits to sexual chat rooms, interactive sexual web sites, or having “cybersex” (sexual chat) with someone who is not his/her partner.

Personal History

A  lie detector test is often used when a partner needs to verify aspects of his/her partner’s background, such as sexual history, drug or alcohol habits, gambling, health issues (particularly STD’s), and excessive financial obligations.

Personal Theft

Families often request lie detector tests to determine the truth when it comes to private disputes.
Sometimes family members, children or acquaintances have fallen under suspicion to involvement in recent thefts, vandalism on personal property and often the only way to resolve matters is to take a polygraph test.

Some other areas for private polygraph (lie detector)  testing include:

  • All Types of Sex Offenses: Sexual Harassment, Soliciting Prostitution, Viewing Pornography, Child Pornography
  • Domestic Violence
  • Gambling Issues
  • Illicit Drug Usage
  • Truth Verification
  • False Accusations
  • Family disputes
  • Work related disputes

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