Corporate Polygraph Testing

The British Polygraph Network can undertake vital tests for companies considering individuals for employment.

The British Polygraph Network can undertake vital tests for companies considering individuals for employment, promotion, or for other reasons such as development, succession planning, career planning, and fitness for duty.

It is also a fact that many companies only take action to protect themselves against theft and fraud after discovering that they have become a victim. How many times has it been said ‘it can’t happen to me’? Sadly it often does. Over 60% of businesses in the UK are losing as much as 5% of their turnover a year to fraud in the workplace. When times are good and turnover high, you don’t necessarily feel the pain but, when times are hard, could your company sustain losses of that magnitude? Working with your Human Resources Department the British Polygraph Network can assist with an on-site polygraph testing as well as the administrative process.

It is not just in the area of employee screening and fraud that The British Polygraph Network can help. The BPN offers a whole range of company services to assist with employee matters, such us:-

  • Loss Prevention
  • Internal Issues
  • Assisting In-House Security
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Insurance Fraud Claims
  • Employee Drug Screening
  • Money Laundering
  • Employment Discrimination

Below is a genuine corporate client reference from just one of our many corporate clients.
“I represent a UHNWI in the Middle East who has a very complex international schedule. His business interests and global profile means that absolute discretion, trustworthiness and high integrity in his personal staff is an essential element in protecting very confidential information and also representing his personal brand. My search to create a recruitment process which could be as watertight as possible in these regards led me to a conversation with the British Polygraph Network and with Aga Koziol, its Managing Director. My employer tasked me to find the best in the business and I have no doubt that I achieved that aim.

Aga and the team have been exceptionally responsive, often responding in the silent hours and handling urgent requests with very little notice. A great example is a recent one in which the examiner served my employers short notice request by getting off an overnight flight from the US (he received my request whilst checking in) and heading straight to the office to conduct three consecutive tests. I have always received the test results immediately and always with a detailed conversation to talk me through the results and also with observations on the candidates.

We have declined offering candidates based on the polygraph tests as we have become strong converts in the legitimacy of this process. Equally, we have made great hires based on the recommendations of Aga and the team. My only regret is that I did not think of making the call to The British Polygraph Network many years earlier as I would have saved many hours in tough decision making around key, confidential hires and I would have improved my hiring success and reputation with my employer.

I cannot recommend The British Polygraph Network team highly enough.”

Setting the Gold Standard for Polygraph Excellence.