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Lie detector tests catch out 63 of Britain’s worst paedophiles who had been released early from prison – BRITISH POLYGRAPH NETWORK

by admin — Posted on August 27, 2015

  • Some 492 convicted sex offenders have taken polygraph tests in last year
  • Officials reported that 13 per cent posed ‘immediate risk’ to children
  • Paedophiles ‘twice as likely’ to confess breaking conditions after test
  • Scheme was introduced last August to prevent re-offences on early release

Lie detector tests have sent 63 of Britain’s worst paedophiles back to jail, while they were on early release.

After being forced to take polygraph tests, dozens of convicted offenders have confessed to breaking their conditions for early release and been sent back to jail.

Officials revealed that the results of the tests, designed to prevent repeat attacks, proved the offenders posed an ‘immediate risk’ to children.

Just 12 months after the scheme was launched, 492 convicted sex offenders have been forced to take the tests in England and Wales.

The offenders, who had all been convicted of serious sex offences including rape and child abuse, had been released before the end of their sentence on licence.

But new figures have revealed that 63 of these – 13 per cent – confessed to breaking the conditions of their release, and were sent back to prison.

Numerous offenders in recent years have gone on to reoffend after being released from jail.

One, a man convicted of sexual offences against a child, was released after many years behind bars.

The offender was made to take a polygraph test to ensure that he had obeyed the conditions of his early release, one of which was a ban on using the internet without permission.

But the results revealed he had lied during the test.

When he was hauled back in to be confronted with his result and questioned, he confessed that he had viewed pornographic images of children online.

Police raided his house and found the indecent images saved on data storage devices hidden around the property.

The man was returned to jail.

The Ministry of Justice has reported that offenders are twice as likely to confess if they have broken the conditions of their early release, if they are made to take a lie detector test.

Polygraph examiner who has carried out more than 60 tests under the new system, described them as being ‘invaluable’.

“My polygraph sessions have frequently resulted in serious sex offenders making disclosures which have shown they either aren’t complying with the conditions of their release or that they pose an increased risk to the public.”

‘I have seen sex offenders make admissions that prove they pose an imminent risk to children, allowing authorities to take appropriate action to keep communities safe.’


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