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Ashley Madison hack sparks surge in suspicious spouses

by admin — Posted on September 4, 2015

The details of thousands of users were exposed by the site last month and testing firm BioClinic has experienced a business surge.


Affairs: Suspicions of infidelity have triggered the most bookings overall

The leak of personal details from adultery enabling website Ashley Madison has sparked a surge in suspicious spouses booking their partners in for lie-detector tests.

Testing firm BioClinics, based in Salford, Greater Manchester, has experienced a business surge of more than more than a third.Nichola McChrystal, founder, said: “Since we launched the service in June we have taken many bookings, instigated for a wide variety of reasons.“However, the data for August shows that bookings relating to infidelity rose dramatically by 36% compared with the figures for July.


Boom: Nichola McChrystal of BioClinics and Don Cargill, of British Polygraph Network

“The Ashley Madison case is the most likely cause, as it has brought infidelity into sharper focus.”

The tests are conducted by fully-qualified members of the British and European Polygraph Association and the American Polygraph Association.They take between two and three hours to complete, and cost £650, reports Manchester Evening News.Suspicions of infidelity have triggered the most bookings overall.The tests are also being taken to help individuals concerned about a range of other matters, including allegations of theft of jewellery and other valuables, drug-taking and domestic abuse.


Hacked: The Ashley Madison case “is the most likely cause” of the surge.

Nichola said: “Some have terminated their relationships following admissions of guilt, while others have said they have continued with counselling and have reported that, now the truth is out in the open, the sessions are proving much more effective.

“In over 95% of cases where the examination indicated deception, the individual has gone on to admit their guilt.”She added: “Polygraph, or lie detector, testing is a science which until now has not been particularly accessible to the public.“Polygraphs have been shown to be 95-98% accurate when conducted by properly-trained examiners using the latest equipment.”

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