About Us

Qualified Polygraph Examiners

Choosing a polygraph examiner should never be left to chance, especially when you consider what might be at stake.

Remember that there are a number of fake examiners in the UK taking money of innocent people.

There are even fake UK Institutions saying that they are the regulatory for polygraph testing in the UK. Put simply, there isn’t one.

Given all these issues, who can you trust when your test results are so important to you?
That’s why the British Polygraph Network was founded by qualified polygraph examiners.

Now you only have to make one call to us and it will be answered by a qualified polygraph examiner who will advise you at every stage and select the best possible examiner to resolve your particular issue.

Your examiner will meet all the strict criteria to conduct the test and it will be conducted in a friendly and professional manner.

Take a look at what makes our service unique and be confident that you have made the sensible choice when you contact us.